Transfer Pricing


Taxalytica TPS is a Workflow Automation and Compliance solution that automates the way your tax and corporate finance organizations create and manage your transfer pricing policy and leverage that data for forecasting, budgeting and profitability analysis. Determining allocations and charge backs across jurisdictions creates both a massive calculation and ERP ETL problem.  Transfer pricing calculations are key in both the tax preparation process, and the profitability and cost management process. TPS automates the transfer pricing calculation process, while giving you a library of business rules that simplifies and standardizes the maintenance of your transfer pricing policy, giving your stakeholders an intuitive way to learn and adapt a very complex process that is dynamically evolving over time as jurisdictions regulate the global economy.


Meet your Compliance, Governance and Regulatory, & Audit Obligations. Ensure your transactions are Section 482 and FASB 740 Compliant. Validate your chosen Economic Method across key stakeholders.
Create, Collaborate, and Share your transfer pricing policy across your tax and corporate finance organizations with Taxalytica TPS.
Get better insights on Planning, Forecasting and Profitability. Use data validated by both Corporate Finance and Tax to run What If Scenarios, Activity Based Budgeting and Product Costing and Customer/Product Profitability.
Avoid potentially significant Tax Audit Risk.
Meet your Tax Minimization Objectives.


The intuitive User Interface of TPS, your transfer pricing specialist and her team will be to handle all requirements critical to the transfer pricing policy, and business rules that determine the charge backs, allocations, and mark-ups needed for the calculation. The system uses wizards to walk your tax team through the processes that define your transfer pricing policy, ultimately leading to the validated changes to transaction costs, along with actual policy documentation and reports that may be provided back to the individual jurisdictions.    Your tax team is intuitively guided through the workflow in Figure 1 to give your tax teams the easiest navigation possible, leveraging a standardized process that is ubiquitous and persistent.  We at Taxalytica know that tax teams change, calculation methods change, economic methods change, business rules change, regulations change, internal processes change, and corporations and legal entities change on a regular basis.  The need to keep complex processes such as transfer pricing constant is critical.  With Taxalytica TPS, your Transfer Pricing problems stay in one place, remaining constant through the constant state of changes.


Safe and secure data access with permissions, roles and access defined by your corporate Active Directory and all documents maintained by your Corporate IT SharePoint domain policies and firewalls.
Transfer and Load data across multiple ERP platforms such as SAP, Oracle, JDA, Net Suite, and other ERP solutions without the constant challenges of compatibility and version support problems.
Easily create, update and maintain Charge backs and Allocation calculations across jurisdictions and entities.
Run reports and customize dashboards to meet the needs of your specific organization.
A highly Intuitive Workflow solution that allows your tax and corporate finance personnel to easily understand and decipher a complex transfer pricing process. A self-updating Knowledgebase that ensures your teams are constantly updated on changes transfer pricing regulations across jurisdictions.